Tollbooth Tyranny

An Atheist Antidote Video


Liberalism punishes WORK & subsidizes Non-Work. That is why Liberalism doesn’t WORK!

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Another Leftist Hoax

Jonah Goldberg: Another Leftist Hoax
The gay girl from Syria who hates Israel turns out to be a fake.


Here’s More on This Disgusting Hoax
Leftist fakester is proud of what he’s done.


Here’s What the BBC Says about It
Many were fooled.


GAY CNN reporter “Do you have any Gay Friends?”

Gay CNN Anchor: Rick Santorum Wants Change the Constitution
You didn’t know that same sex marriage was in the Constitution, did you?

CUT the Paychecks of Politicians (shared sacrifice?)

Muslims Rampage against Christians

Muslims Rampage against Christians in Egypt Again

Very tepid rebuke from leading Muslim clerics

Imagine this reversed